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Took a couple of E-Bay shipments to the post office this morning then came back home. Went out back to see if I could seal up the porch roof edge and one side of the back room where there is a gap at the top below the roof. Started out with locating the half sheet of tin that I had planned on using to connect the porch roof to the building when I started the porch a couple of years ago. Finally found it and after locating some clamps and other bits and pieces managed to bend a right angle down the length of it. Got the extension ladder and put it in place. Dug out a piece of 3/4 inch plywood and got it on the porch roof and screwed in place enough to keep it from sliding with me on it. Got a piece of 1×4 about 7 feet long and put it in place and marked it where the roof supports came out. Cut the bits out and put it in place with rock screws. Trimmed one end off where it over hung the support then measured and marked the second piece. Cut the bits out of it and screwed it in place. Screwed the tin in place after cleaning the leaves and crap out of the way in the corner of the porch roof. Will try to get back up there tomorrow with some caulk and seal the corner and top edge.

Fueled the chain saw, then tried to crank the Toyota truck. Been a couple of weeks and the battery was dead. Got the charger out and hooked up then loaded the chain saw up in the wheelbarrow and hunted the cant hook. Found it and decided to add a piece to the back to raise the log off the ground once it is cammed over. Got a piece that I had sawed off the stair center support and screwed it in place on the end of the handle. Added a piece of old tire around the handle and into the sides of the piece of 2×6 to keep it from moving too much. Loaded it into the wheelbarrow and headed to the field. Dragged the first of several pieces of cedar out and after starting the saw cut it up except for the part with the fire ants on it. Will get that later after they are dead or have moved on. Same with the second piece, dragged out of the weeds and cut up. Third and last piece was a bit different as it was quite large. Cut it into 3 pieces and did them one at a time. Loaded the tools up and pushed the wheelbarrow back up the hill to the house. Truck cranked off first try, so disconnected the charger and loaded up. Made a detour to the barn where I started the air compressor and filled up the flat front tire. Really need to find and fix that leak one of these days. 😉 Went down and loaded the 3 trees up and back to the house and unloaded them and then split them into firewood. Bill came by and helped about 2/3rds of the way through. Cat did most of the unloading and then picking up and hauling and stacking. Finished it up, then Bill went for a walk and we came in. Decided to make a Wally World run which we did just before dark. Twas dark when we got back, so warmed some chili and cut up some cheese and summer sausage and had supper. Been browsing on the computer since. Am about done in. Don’t know if I will make it to see the added leap second or not. Either way hope everyone has a Happy and Safe New Year! See (type at) y’all next year… 😉


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