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Felt like a Friday to me all day, and I don’t know why. Again not done much today. Put a new grinding wheel on one of my hand cranked grinders. Found it on the porch at Calcis the other day and Cat’s brother gave it to me. Center hole was too bit for the shaft but I found an old 12 mm socket and drilled the center hole out to fit the shaft and used electrical tape to shim it to the wheel. Tightened up it’s a lot closer to true than the one that was on it. We took a pile of E-Bay stuff to the post office this afternoon, then went to the Helping Hands thrift store where I found a few books and Cat found a tatting shuttle and some needles. Went next door to Food Outlet where we got some eggs and then down the road to Food Land and got some ground pork, milk, dried pinto beans, and assorted canned goods that they had on sale for less than we normally pay at Sav-A-Lots. Came home and put a pan on the woodburner with about 2 and a half pounds of pintos (old stock) and water in it to heat for quick soak. Gave them a couple of hours of boiling and then soaking time. Rinsed the beans and put them in fresh water and back on the woodburner, with 3 tablespoons of chili powder and 2 of cumin along with a couple of tablespoons salt, to cook and then browned a pound and a half of the ground pork and a like amount of ground deer meat along with some seasonings. Cooked an onion and some bell peppers and mixed with the meat and left it all to cool for a bit while the beans were cooking. When they had started to cook down a bit added the meat mix, a can of tomatoes and chilies, a can of diced tomatoes, and a can of tomato paste and am simmering it all now. Figure it has another hour to go so not sure that we’ll eat it tonight as 11 pm is a bit late for supper though we ate lunch so late I’m still not hungry.

Been working on getting the WordPress software updated on some of the websites again today. The latest version seems to be working much better at my host than the last few versions have. Or they have changed some of their settings or something. Not getting near as many timeouts as I have been. Still haven’t changed hosts as the blog here at WordPress.com is working out fine for me. Have thought about moving the Wolfe site over here too but there is a lot that needs to be done there that I don’t want to have to go through again just yet.

Hoping to get a bit more done tomorrow, but will just wait and see how I feel when it gets here. Till then… 😉


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Still haven’t gotten the candy done. Have boiled and peeled a dozen eggs which are in the fridge now waiting to be deviled. Gave a bunch of the first batch of cookies away and ended up making another batch of the Tollhouse cookies but added a cup of coconut this time. The last pan of them just came out of the oven. Turned out quite tasty! Haven’t counted yet but I’m guessing quite a few over 150 cookies baked since last night. Cat washed the potatoes a few minutes ago and I am waiting for my back to ease up a bit then will peel, cut up and start them cooking for the potato salad. Gonna take something for the back and a short rest reading and then get back at it. Till later… 😉

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Oatmeal isn’t quite done yet and I’ve already gotten the cookie dough for the chocolate chip, oatmeal, coconut cookies mixed and in the fridge. Got the ingredients ready to do the Boston Cream Candy. Hoping the digital thermometer is up to the job as I have no idea where the candy thermometer is (having not used it in probably 20 years). Will see I suppose. Got one Ebay package to go out in a few minutes and will start on the candy when we get back. Then on to the rest of the cooking. Till later… 😉

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Made another trip to the post office with Ebay stuff this morning. Came back and continued cleaning nails out of old lumber. Spent an hour and a half or so on that then came in and ate lunch. Steve dropped by for a bit and then we went to Wally World in Lenlock to get some stuff that we needed for baking. Got most of it but forgot the parchment baking paper and vanilla, so after coming back home made another trip but this time to Jacksonville Sav-A-Lots where we got vanilla and chocolate chips but they didn’t have any parchment so had to go back to Wally World up there. Ran into a couple of folks that we hadn’t seen in a while and stood and talked until nearly 7 pm. Came home and cooked a couple of really old frozen pizzas with added summer sausage and cheese (Thanks for the goodies, Steve!) and munched on cheese, sausage and crackers till stuffed. While the pizzas were cooking I mixed up a batch of Tollhouse Cookies with added vanilla per the other link at that site on making them better but minus the nuts. Made 3 baking pans for a total of 56 cookies. Am going to fix a batch of Yockelson’s Large and Luscious Two- Chip Oatmeal Cookies Recipe … though without the white chocolate chips and gonna try a batch of Boston Cream Candyagain minus the nuts. Also going to make a batch of deviled eggs and a large bowl of potato salad to take to the folks house for Christmas dinner and am planing to getting it all done tomorrow so there is nothing to do but load stuff up Thursday morning. May also cook some sweet potatoes if time (and energy) permits. For now am gonna read for a few and then hit the sack. Till tomorrow… 😉

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Poached salmon reconsidered « Dana McCauley’s food blog

Dana’s Coddled Salmon Tips

1. Bring the cooking liquid (court bouillon, fish stock or even clam juice will do) to a boil.
2. Add the fish and return to a gentle boil.
3. Remove pan from heat.
4. Cover tightly.
5. Let stand for 15 to 20 minutes or until fish is cooked to desired doneness.
6. Remove fish immediately if serving fish hot.
7. If serving fish cold, place pan in an ice bath to cool quickly. Refrigerate.
8. Remove fish from cooled juices only when ready to serve.

Just like boiling eggs. Had never thought of cooking fish this way before but am gonna have to give it a try.

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How to “Peel” Hard-Boiled Eggs Without Peeling – The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

Gonna have to boil some eggs soon just to try this out. Watch the video and learn a new hard boiled egg from shell removal method… 😉

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Cooked a couple of more meals on the rocket stove today.

Lunch was a stir fry done in a cast iron skillet with the leftover rice and green beans from yesterday, a couple of eggs, some soy sauce, and some chopped ham.  Turned out pretty good and only took about 20 minutes total to cook.

Supper was a bit different. I set out a pound of dried black beans out to soak last night.  Changed the water about 4 times today to get as many of the farts out as possible.  Put a cup of rice in water to soak this afternoon about two hours before I needed it and probably didn’t need to as I ended up cooking it an hour longer than I thought at first it would need but things happen.  Started out with a couple of table spoons of butter and a chopped large onion in the dutch oven on the rocket stove.  Cooked it about 5 minutes and then added 4 small cut up tomatoes and a bit of water.  Cooked another 3 or 4 minutes and added the black beans and several cups of water, stirred and put the lid on and started cooking.  Cooked till the tomatoes gave up their skins and dipped the skins out.  Added more water and cooked down again till the beans started getting soft.  Added the rice and more water.  Cooked till the rice was done and checked the beans again.  Found several that were still hard.  Added more water and cooked for a while longer.  Checked and added a bit more water.  Rice was turning to mush and beans were still needing more time.  Cooked a bit longer and cut up and added a pound of sausage.  Cooked for a bit longer and added more water and checked taste.  Added salt.  Cooked down for a bit longer and took inside and ate.  Total cooking time was about 3 hours.  Turned out fairly good.  Would have been better had I waited another hour and a half to add the rice but other than that.  And we have enough for several more meals.  Quite filling and so far no gaseous side effects.  Time will tell… 😉

Next project is gonna be a cob oven.  Miss being able to fire it up and cook bread.  Think I am gonna build it behind the rocket stove.  That way I can put a roof over both so I can cook rain or shine.

Till tomorrow…

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