Little done Sunday

With the rain last night and this morning we didn’t even try to go to the flea markets and slept in instead. Rest of the day has been about the same. I’ve played around with the look of the blog a bit and done a bit of updating on the Nero Wolfe site but that’s been about it other than doing a lot of reading here and there. Rain started again a few minutes ago so suspect that this will be an early night, since I’m having a hard time keeping my eyes open now, and it’s not even 8 pm yet. Here’s hoping that tomorrow will be a more productive day. Till then… 😉


Loaded up and headed for Calcis this morning. Took the Old Coal City road again and it sure seems shorter than going by Wally World. Got to Calcis just before noon and ate lunch soon after. Talked and did gift exchange and such then Cat went to work on Martha’s (her mother) computer. Byron and I went outside and ended up taking down an old antenna mast that he and his dad had put up years ago. Installs got done and we loaded up and headed back this way. Stopped off at Food Land and picked up a Boston Butt roast. Got home, unloaded the truck and started the coals for the dutch oven. Seared the roast on all sides and put the lid on and let it cook for a while then added some potatoes, carrots, celery, and onions along with assorted seasonings and left it to cook for a while. Put the digital thermometer in it after about an hour and waited till it hit 175 before bringing it in. Carved and ate and am waiting for the oven to finish cooling off before putting the remainders in the fridge. May try to go to the flea markets on 431 in the morning. Will see when it gets here. Till tomorrow… 😉

Friday bits and pieces

Had a friend from out of town drop by this morning for a quick visit. Spent some time after that continuing to clean nails and such out of old lumber. Took a Ebay shipment to the post office then came home and did lunch. Afterwards made a trip to Wally World where we got fuel at 1.49.9 then when we got out from getting a few things it was 1.47.9. Came home and went back to cleaning up wood. By dark thirty had almost finished that pile. Still got a small amount to go but am able to get to the radial arm saw now so am much closer than I was. Am going to head to Calcis in the am to do Christmas stuff with Cats family. Hope to be back here late afternoon. For now am gonna do a bit of reading then hit the sack. Till tomorrow… 😉

Kuznetsov’s Stoves

Kuznetsov’s Stoves –  Once again about the system…

I am gonna link to this site again though on my old site I have linked a couple of times, but when I want to find it I have to go there and it’s a pain. So the above is a link to a page about how the system works.

This design of heat exchange makes a LOT of sense to me. I built a test unit several years ago and it worked very well. Still want to build one for the dwelling here but have not gotten around to it just yet. Waiting is… Or so it has been said. Which/what ever. If you’re interested in building a fireplace, wood heater, or anything along those lines, spend some quality time with the above site, wrapping your head around these designs and try it out. Super good stuff!

Christmas day 2008

Got up, cooked and ate breakfast, showered, loaded food and stuff in the truck, and went to the folks house for lunch. Got there, unloaded, unpacked, ate too much, did gift exchange, talked most of the afternoon away, packed, and loaded stuff in truck. Came home, unloaded, unpacked, put food away, and poked up fire. Been reading stuff on the computer, munching leftovers, and decompressing since. Not sure what tomorrow will bring, guess we will find out when it gets here. Till then… 😉

Got the cookies, deviled eggs, potato salad, cheese, summer sausage, crackers, pineapple, pickles, and crackers ready to go in the morning. Still haven’t gotten the candy done and most likely won’t in time for Christmas but am still gonna make some asap as I have already bought the ingredients. Cat has been going at it wrapping and finishing up the other end of it. I think we have both run out of steam for today/tonight. Am gonna read a bit and then call it a night. Till tomorrow… 😉

Many pans of cookies later

Still haven’t gotten the candy done. Have boiled and peeled a dozen eggs which are in the fridge now waiting to be deviled. Gave a bunch of the first batch of cookies away and ended up making another batch of the Tollhouse cookies but added a cup of coconut this time. The last pan of them just came out of the oven. Turned out quite tasty! Haven’t counted yet but I’m guessing quite a few over 150 cookies baked since last night. Cat washed the potatoes a few minutes ago and I am waiting for my back to ease up a bit then will peel, cut up and start them cooking for the potato salad. Gonna take something for the back and a short rest reading and then get back at it. Till later… 😉